Avian Ambassadors - Page Five

Photos of the Ambassadors - 2005
Eeo Nui - Eurasian Eagle Owl

Bubo Bubo

Prophet landing on a show perch, with assistant Laura Simmons looking on. Sid and Kumbi.
Kumbi recycles in the show. Kumbi, Laura, and a show volunteer. Kumbi demonstrates how to recover a grape on a long string.
Eeo stares down the audience. Our audience at South Mountain Elementary School in Edgewood, New Mexico. The concrete block in place for the secure weathering area!
  More photos will be posted later ... come back and visit us again!
  Bijou our Emerald Toucanet. Hatched April 15th 2005. Arrived at Avian Ambassadors June 2nd 2005.  
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